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Did you know that you can find lindy hoppers, balboa dancers, blues dancers, jitterbugs, and jazz-loving hepcats all around the world? Yeah, you probably did... but I still get excited about it! 

Just check out the iCharleston the World project! Swing dancers from near and far contribute videos of themselves dancing the charleston (a vintage jazz dance from the 1920's) in their home cities. There are so many locations represented! 


Traveling to a new place and jumping on the dance floor seems intimidating. But finding dancers who speak your same lindy hop, balboa, east coast swing, or shag "language" throws that travel anxiety all in the air and flips it upside down into an incredible experience! It's like meeting someone for the first time but already feeling like you share an inside joke. Plus, you pop your little bubble and realize you've become a part of a global community. You have so many swing dance friendships waiting to happen - all over the world!

Whether you're looking for a swing dance event as an excuse to travel or you're looking for a swing dance event at your planned travel destination, there are resources all over the internet to help you out. Here are a few! links to OVER 500 swing dance club & event websites. So go ahead, choose your adventure! 

swingmap website for swing dance events and locations and feature swing dance events and festivals all over the world! You can search for events by country/location or by date.

swing hopping website to find swing dance events near me swing planit website to find swing dance events and festivals near me

 As a nod to my Midwest roots - features dance events and venues in the Midwest states of the US. Bonus - there's a blog connected with this site that documents Martha's travel experiences at these swing dance events, venues, clubs, and festivals. 

swing around the corner website for USA dance events and festivals

These swing dance websites are useful for finding large events. But how do you find the local, weekly swing dance joints and junctures?  If you're just swinging by the area and want to find local lindy hop lessons, east coast swing dances, or just a blues dance at the local bar - I've found Facebook and Instagram to be stellar resources.

It might require some digging but a simple "location name swing dance" search on social media will do the trick! You might find a swing dance club profile, a lindy hop Facebook event, a local dancers' Facebook group, or a jazz club venue. Hopefully it's enough to track down the current jump and jive events in your location. 

search for swing dance events, lindy hop scenes, and jazz venues on facebook search find swing dance events, lindy hop clubs, and jazz venues on instagram search

Pro Tip: If there's a college or university in the area, search the school name with swing dance. Schools often have swing dance or lindy hop collegiate clubs! 

(And honestly, how is there not a Hogwarts swing dance club somewhere somehow?) 

Once you've found and attend an event, ask those swing dancers where you can find more dancing in the city! I've found that a lot of weekly event promotion still happens by word of mouth. So be sure to do some good old-fashioned asking around.

On that note, I also have quite a few swing dance friends who are well-traveled. So when I'm in a new location, I've learned to pick their brains on where to go dancing or who to connect with. Even just a simple post on your Facebook requesting information on swing dancing in a certain area can get you all the insider info you need to fill your lindy hopping heart with an abundance of dances! 

I hope this article is helpful in your swing dance travels and adventures! Comment if you have additional tips or advice.  


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