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Are you looking for some guidance in your swing dance development and growth?

Generally, I highly recommend going to local classes, events, and workshops to improve your swing dancing. Swing dancers are some of the most supportive, encouraging people I know. Even if they're not instructors, most folks don't mind stepping off the dance floor for a mini lesson upon request. (BONUS - improving your dance skills at local events/classes also supports your local swing dance community!) 

But, maybe your local jitterbug scene is fresh and young. You might need to travel hours for a lesson that shakes up your dancing! Or, like me, you understand the importance of practicing dance moves and grooves alone and on your own. But you need a schedule, inspiration, or just external motivation to get you up and dancing around your kitchen before dinner every night. 

how to swing dance, learn through online swing dance lessons and video tutorials

Whatever the case may be, if you're looking for some stellar online swing dance schools - the following list will give you a solid start to finding the right swing dance instructors and lesson structures for you!

Street Smart Swing

by Jamin Jackson

street smart swing by Jamin Jackson, how to swing dance online


Jamin Jackson wants to create 5,000 online lindy hop courses! You can access these courses as they're being created by joining his Patreon. Jamin creates courses based on his students' requests. By giving to his Patreon, you'll have access to customized swing dance lessons, structured learning courses, training exercises, personal Skype coaching, and an online community of fellow swing dance students. Street Smart Swing has beginner-friendly courses, teacher training courses, and everything in between. 

A really tempting feature of Jamin's Patreon subscription is the cost! You can give as little as $8 / month. What a deal! Of course, you can access more content and perks with the higher price point options.

Test out Jamin's teaching style by signing up for his email list. This alone gets you 18 free taster classes!

The Street Smart Swing website and YouTube channel are worth a visit, even if you're not looking to sign up for lessons. Jamin has created a variety of free content on swing dance history and culture. 


by Kevin and Jo

ilindy website with kevin and jo - online swing dance lessons

Kevin and Jo have over 900 video lessons on their website! They focus on improving your fundamental technique through hilariously entertaining lessons. You won't get bored in this swing dance class! Their courses include: dance challenges, dance vocabulary, choreographies and routines, and solo jazz (which is perfect for practicing on your own!) 

You can see if their wit and instruction jive with you for a total of $0! Their sample membership gives you access to their "move of the week" lessons and a few other sample lessons in each category. A regular monthly membership is $30 but you get quite a discount if you buy a yearly subscription.


Syncopated City

by Michael and Evita

If the idea of access to a surplus of swing dance classes seems overwhelming, Syncopated City might be the website for you! Personally, if I don't know where to start, I usually don't start. Michael and Evita have created a Lindy Hop Roadmap - a clear and structured path to build upon your lindy hop skills and technique. Plus, you'll feel accomplished and rewarded by receiving certificates you've chosen to earn along your lindy hop journey. Joining Syncopated City also includes access to Michael and Evita's online office hours, monthly member challenges with feedback and guidance, and access to their online community forum. 

You can find free samples of Michael and Evita's lessons on their YouTube Channel. Then, sign up for their email list for a free course (includes 3 lessons). If you fall in love with Michael and Evita, a monthly subscription to their online swing dance school starts at just $20 per month.

Be sure to have a look around their website for their swing dance podcast and blog. You'll find free helpful content, like this blog post on how to take a swing dance class like a pro


iSOLO Balboa 

by Olga Marina 

iSolo Balboa - how to swing dance online lessons

This is the only website I could find that is focused on one type of swing dance! So if you're wanting to spice up your balboa with online courses, iSOLO Balboa is the place! It's also the only website that focuses entirely on solo technique, solo routines, solo challenges, and solo exercises. If you struggle to wrangle friends into practice sessions, this might be a better option for you! Plus, lessons and social dances usually don't make a lot of space for you to dance on your own. This is a great opportunity to practice some self(dance)love.

Olga's classes (there's already over 80 classes on the website!) are practice-based and include demo drills after each lesson. 

There are several subscription price points based on the length of your subscription. A monthly subscription starts at a little over $30 per month. 

I couldn't find any freebie lessons, but there is a 14-day money back guarantee. So if the first lesson doesn't jive with you, you could get your money back. Olga also has descriptions of a few of her lessons on her YouTube channel. This could give you a feel for what to expect. 


Rhythm Juice

by Dax and Sarah

learn to swing dance online with Dax and Sarah 

Dax and Sarah teach basic swing, lindy hop, charleston, balboa, collegiate shag, and solo jazz on their website! A membership to their online swing dance school includes video lessons, challenges, courses, and even personal coaching. You can preview the course and lesson titles/descriptions on their website before you purchase a membership. ...There's also been word of a new program coming to their website in 2019!

You can experience their swing dance teaching style through their blog, where they post video lessons and other jazzy content.

Their basic monthly membership starts at $19.99 and includes a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not feeling it!



by The Internet 

idance.net learn how to dance online dance school

This last one is a bit of a grab bag! This website has dance lessons of all sorts and styles. But I was surprised to actually find legitimate swing dance instructors  (such as the aforementioned JoMichael, and Evita).

I think the major perk of this resource is being able to purchase only one lesson for just $1.99. That's a one-time quick and easy payment, less than your morning latte. The downside is that you may not be able to preview the online dance instructor's style before you purchase. (Although, you could do a quick search for the instructor on YouTube before you buy their lessons. You might find a lesson recap or something similar.)

You can search this website by instructors, dance styles, or even specific moves. Seems that they have online lessons in lindy hop, balboa, collegiate shag, the charlestonwest coast swingblues, and other vintage dances. I'd recommend using this resource to find specific, unique dance moves that you want to master... such as The Helicopter from the Harvest Moon Ball Lifts and Tricks series (remember kids - don't try this one on the social dance floor) or the Peabody


Unfortunately, I've not had the pleasure of taking lessons from all of these wonderful swing dance instructors.. yet! If you've tried any of these online dance schools or taken lessons from any of these instructors, I'd love to hear about your experience. What worked well for you? What didn't jive? Tell me in the comments! 


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