About Us

We sell quality clothing, accessories, prints, and more for vintage enthusiasts and swing dancers.

...to support more swing dancing! We've experienced the value of learning to express oneself through movement, listening and responding to beats, rhythms, and melodies, and connecting with other people - not through a screen. And we believe the world needs more of it! We're just getting started, but our goal is to use our online store to enable more dancing opportunities!

We plan to do this by:
- sponsoring swing dance events, festivals, and exchanges
- promoting musicians, DJ's, and instructors
- supporting & sponsoring swing dance clubs
- creating online spaces to engage with fellow swing dancers

This is all still in the works! Stay tuned on our Facebook page to see our progress or contact us if you're interested in partnering with us!


Let's Chat!
Do you have suggestions or requests for our online store? Would you like to partner with us or be featured on our Facebook page? Or do you just want to show us your new dance move? Send us a message below - you're the bees knees!